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Special dad K2 spice paper

The price is for 3 cards.

You need 10 mL of K2 spray (0.34 fl oz) for 1 sheet of paper. And each K2 sheet we sell has 10 mL (0.34 fl oz) of K2 spray.

When ordering, if you’re sending to an inmate, in the notes section you can type any relevant details on the inmate or special message. We will use that before sending. You can also email us this after your order is completed.

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Special Dad K2 Spice paper to reaffirm your support with Spice

One bad day can turn life upside down. If your friend has ended up in jail, you must be dependable to lend them a helping hand. Your care may work as the fuel they will use to go through hard times. But while an old-fashioned ‘I care a lot’ letter can warm their heart, a Spice-infused letter can also boost their mental health. To get the best of both worlds, snatch this Special Dad K2 Spice paper online at K2 Paper Sheets. 

This is an incredible opportunity to convey an important message to your mate while providing them with a smokable card with Spice. You can write whatever you want them to know. Leave your message as you complete the checkout stages, and we’ll add it to the card.

Spice paper is a brilliant remedy for various psychological disorders caused by severe stress. And that’s what many people experience when they are thrown into prison or have been biding their time there for a while.

Buy Special Dad K2 Spice paper to feel ‘special’

It’s easy to do fun things. When you have such a helper as K2 Paper Sheets by your side, the sky’s the limit. We know all the ins and outs of sending special letters to jail so that the addressee is the only one who can access the envelope’s contents.

Are you freaking out over the fear that officers may smell an odor from the card? There is nothing to worry about because our Special Dad K2 Spice paper doesn’t reveal its secrets. The card doesn’t give off any smell or look different from other special occasion cards. So, your mate won’t have any problems getting this Spice-sprayed boon.

Don’t miss a chance to cheer your mate up!


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