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Wholesale K2 spice spray on paper

Wholesale K2 spice spray on paper.  For those interested in bulk prices on the K2 paper, this is the right place. Each A4 sheet is infused with 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of odorless and colorless liquid K2.

For clients in jail, we send this as legal mail directly from the attorney’s office making it impossible to open. Delivery is 100% assured.

Each A4 paper contains 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of k2 spice spray

An A4 paper is a Letter size paper which measures 8.5 by 11 inches.


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Wholesale K2 paper to throw an unforgettable party

What can be more frustrating than a boring party you’ve asked all cool folks to? If you don’t want to flake out, make sure your gathering has everything to keep your guests entertained for hours. Build a party playlist, think of fun things to do, and buy K2 wholesale paper online. With this stuff, your party will turn into an impossible-to-forget event of the season. 

Soaked in 25ml of Spice liquid, our K2 paper is a synthetic form of THC, so it kicks off the same brain reactions as THC-high strains but ensures a faster and more potent effect. In other words, it’s a stunning alternative to an old-school marijuana joint. 

You can smoke K2 paper alone or combine it with tobacco. Whatever option appeals to you, you’ll enjoy relaxation and heightened emotions, just like from smoking cannabis. Everyone can now have a great time at your party.

Buy K2 wholesale paper online at the best price

Are you here to stock up on Spice-infused sheets for yourself or your friends who are currently in prison? K2 Paper Sheets is the best place to order wholesale K2 paper online. You can take advantage of our bulk prices by going for at least 20 sheets of K2 paper. For the most substantial discounts, select 100 or 1,000 sheets.

You can order Spice paper infused with various incenses, including:

  • Green Blossom
  • Mix
  • Kratom
  • Cloud 9
  • Apocalypse

All bulk orders are delivered for free in a timely fashion. We only cooperate with tried-and-true services to ensure enhanced security as your paper makes it to your location.

If you’re looking to send your order to jail, we can do that for you. We know the tricks on how to eliminate check-ups by authorities, even if you need wholesale K2 paper.

Number Of K2 Infused Sheets

100 A4 Sheets, 1000 A4 Sheets, 20 A4 Sheet, 250 A4 Sheets, 50 A4 Sheets, 500 A4 Sheets, 750 A4 Sheets

Type of Incense Infused

7H Hawaiian Punch, AK-47, Aloha, Angry Birds, Apocalypse, Atomic, Bizzaro, Black Diamond, Brain Freeze, Cannabinoid, Caution Blue, Cloud 9, Diablo, Green Blossom, Green Giant, Incredible Hulk, K2 eliquid, Klimax, Kratom, Kush, Mad Hatter, Mix, Mr. Nice Guy, Pink Blossom


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