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K2 spice paper spray on letter

For clients in jail, we send this as legal mail directly from the attorney’s office making it impossible to open. Delivery is 100% assured.

Each A4 sheet is infused with 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of liquid K2. You can buy the infused A4 plain paper and write a letter to send to your buddy in prison. This paper is odorless and colorless.

Best Spice Paper Worldwide. We have special a4 K2 infused paper for sale. K2 Spice paper, k2 paper, mamba paper, either way, it’s so strong it will blow your mind off. We ship worldwide. We have the best discreet packaging and shipping methods.


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K2 Spice spray on paper letters for disguised use

What if you could receive K2 as a letter from your lawyer? Now that security measures are getting tougher than ever, indulging in a euphoric experience is harder in places where you’re being watched 24/7. That’s why these K2 Spice spray papers, sprinkled with your favorite high-inducing substance and packaged into legal mail, are a game changer.

A paper letter has nothing to do with sneaking suspicions when it’s sent out with a lawyer’s name and office address on it. That’s how it can safely make it to any place, including those with heightened security measures.

Instead of incomprehensible legal lingo, you’ll find a letter that can cause a high once you roll and smoke it. This letter has been sprinkled with 25ml of premium-quality Spice to bring about the THC effects you’re craving. Despite being a synthetic version of the cannabinoid, its potency will leave you spellbound.

Our Spice-sprinkled letters are ideal for disguised use not only because they look like legal mail. They are odorless once you open one and have no distinguishing colors that may reveal the mail’s real contents. It’s only you who knows what your letter has to offer.

Free delivery for your first paper with K2 Spice spray

K2 Paper Sheets proudly stands on its experience in the industry. But we never pressure anyone into buying our K2 Spice spray on papers for sale without testing the waters. If you want to order your first Spice-infused letter, you can do so without delivery fees. These are nullified for new customers and those who place large orders.

Shipments of K2 Spice spray on paper letters are arranged daily from our own warehouse and attorney’s office. If you order one today, you’ll receive it in a few days.


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