USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper

Jails mail protocol upgrade

USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper. Since Drug infused papers were introduced they gained huge popularity in the last 1-year time period. People were buying k2 paper to send to their friends in jail. By writing them letters on that paper. since the k2 paper is highly undetectable and looks like normal paper. This makes it very easy to be sent anywhere in the world even to jail.

This has been working until the K2 paper and other drug-infused papers gained so much attention that almost everyone started using them, especially in jails. In the last 1 year, this was the only way to transfer drugs to jail, especially k2. Which is one of the best quality and most popular marijuana cannabis synthesized drugs.  Since everyone had access to mail in jails. They all were getting k2 paper delivered in form of mail to them. They would get it to read it.

And then smoke it to get high or eat it or put it in water to enjoy. This got popular in jail and everyone had access to k2 and they were all enjoying it until now. Now US jails are changing their rules and mail protocols. Because of drugs being delivered infused in paper into the jail. This can make things harder as now sending emails. Especially with k2 paper can also affect you along with the person you are sending it to. But this is only in the case of paper which they can detect.

USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper

How you can still transfer drugs to jails

USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper. How about we tell you that we have just come up with the solution and our K2 papers are not only undetectable by anyone, they are colorless and odorless and just like regular paper. and if you have doubts about this then you can always buy a k2 paper notebook and send it to your friend in jail once so he can enjoy the rest of his time since he will be having access to papers from the notebook for a long time.

If there is a problem, there is always a solution. You can also send birthday cards to your friends in jail, now this is not against the law. But you can buy drug-infused birthday cards from us and send them to your doorstep. Or directly to your friend in jail. This card will work the same as a k2 paper and your friends can enjoy it even if it’s their birthday or not.

Since prisons are not more aware and vigilant about k2 papers you need to make sure that the k2 papers you buy are of high quality and undetectable don’t just buy from any random online store but always go for the best stores that offer quality and untraceable k2 papers so even if you can’t send this to your friends in jail you can still send it to your friends worldwide or use k2 without being traced.

Legal mail as K2 paper

USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper. If mail protocols are changing it doesn’t mean you can’t send someone this k2 paper as a gift in the form of wrapping paper or notebook or a diary. We keep on coming up with new ideas and soon we will have a better solution for you to get the drugs transferred to a jail in one way or another and without getting detected as well.

How you can still transfer drugs to jails

USA jails are changing mail protocol due to k2 paper. Even though jails and officers are now more aware than before then you also need to be careful and only buy undetectable and high quality untraceable k2 papers which can pass the dog sniffing tests and anti-drugs tests in the jail. We make sure our k2 paper can’t be detected with drug compounds unless they are taken orally or smoked.

They don’t change color, they can’t be sniffed since they are odorless and they certainly can’t be differentiated apart from normal paper, and if you want we can deliver it right to your friend in jail at their address y writing them on your behalf. All you need to do is make an order here at our online store and we will take care of the rest and make sure that the k2 paper is received by your friend and passes all the jail protocols and procedures.

K2 Jail Paper.